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Inauguration of Akriti Manufacturing Plant


Akriti is a group of company established In 2007 under the leadership of Dr Kuldeep Raizada & Ms Deepa Rani who are pioneers and  are well known for the work in the area of Ocular & Maxillofacial Prosthetics  throughout the world. Akriti was established with the aim of providing the quality services in eye care.

At present,  Akriti has many divisions like Eye Care Manufacturing, Export and Import of the Ophthalmic Equipments & Consumables. Akriti is working in various parts of the world either having its direct offices or with the partners and keep working towards the expansion of the business horizons.

Main area of Akriti are Ophthalmology, Opticals, Hospitals Management, Business Development, Education, Printed Media, Skill Development  etc.

Akriti is engaged in various activities in the area of business development and help others to make their businesses successful.

Akriti also does the various activities in the  area of Business Development and help others to make their business successful. 

This Year Akriti has introduced the Optometrist, Opticals as well as Ophthalmologist Education Program in Several Location in India, as well as introduced the concept to E learning by using the webinar platform which is really making a real difference.

We will be very happy if you like to make any webinar with us or like to be a part of teaching on this unique and only platform.

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Warms Regards,

Dr Kuldeep Raizada, Phd, BCO,  BADO,  FAAO

CEO & Chairman 

Akriti Group

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